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We provide an easy-to-use, low-cost service to assist in inventory optimization and inventory reduction by analyzing the reorder levels of slow-moving spare parts.

Our service is proven to reduce unnecessary expenditures for MRO inventory saving our clients millions of dollars.
Our Service is:
Easy: Our web-based analytical tool provides accurate reorder levels in
Low Cost: Your return on investment for our fixed fee is typically a few months.
Service: No software to install or modifications to make to your existing systems.
Proven: Our Best Practice technology has a twenty year success history.

We help you:

  • Eliminate planned expenditures that only replace existing surplus stocks.
  • Reduce the occurrence of emergency expedites for under-stocked items.
  • Improve availability.
  • No new software to install; or changes to existing systems.

Over 80% of Inventory is Slow Moving 80% of both the number of items and total inventory value in a storeroom is considered slow-moving’ (used once per month or less). Due to unpredictable demand for these items, standard inventory forecasting techniques are ineffective.

Inventory Solutions Inc. – The Experts in Slow Moving Inventory Control
We are experts at managing this special segment of inventory and identifying surplus stock.

Our proprietary technology was specifically developed to manage the unpredictable demand for these spares based on a number of readily available factors. Our easy-to-use service utilizes sophisticated algorithms for results which are superior to those obtained through conventional methods or usage ‘guestimates.’

Inventory Solutions Inc. has helped hundreds of companies worldwide to set accurate reorder levels. Our analysis of billions of dollars of MRO inventory has made us the world leader in the industry. Nobody knows more about setting stock levels for slow-moving spares than Inventory Solutions Inc.
Every Storeroom is Different
Every company and every storeroom is unique. Therefore, our service is flexible. You choose what you need and when you need it. Our fixed fee, web-based service allows you to easily:

  • Prevent needless expenditures
  • Reduce emergency expedites
  • Perform ‘What if’ analysis
  • Determine first time buys for new equipment spares

We will also help you prioritize the spares you should look at first. And, if you choose, we will use your inventory data to track the changes in your storeroom over time.

Start Saving Today
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