Flutter allows developers to create and develops apps

With the competition amongst android and iOS, cross-platform development is big concern. Development of apps that works best for both the platform is a very difficult task.

Google claims that they have come up with a solution for this problem. They have made things easier by introducing Flutter to the people. For those who don’t know about Flutter, it is a an application designed by Google to develop software that are compatible for both android as well as IOS. The app making industry is at boom there is an app for almost everything we to in our everyday life

Flutter allows developers to create and develops apps that are high performance for both the operating systems. Google has announced the Flutter Release Preview 1 in Beijing,China at the GMCT. The most exciting part about the release of the RP1 is that many Chinese app Design Agency are adopting Flutter to make modifications to their apps. It is very easy to use so experienced as well as new app developers can also use it without too much trouble.

Flutter was earlier in its Beta testing stage and just a month ago Google has released its Beta version for the app developers. Google claims that Flutter is easy to use and can add life to the animation and sound to the application. It lets you make changes to the pre-existing apps. With the release of Flutter RP1, Google has entered the Chinese app market and is focused to cater as many clients as it can. It will also be doing everything they can to support the Chinese app developers as it is for the first time that they have embraced Flutter or any other Google’a application

Google has never seen such a positive response from the Chinese market so to make sure that they don’t lose their interest in Flutter, is also launching a Chinese focused website, to further provide assistance to the the Chinese Development community. Where they can get Chinese Flutter contents which can help them understand Flutter more.

The RP1 supports Frameworks for windows, widgets, image libraries and native ARM code runtime and GPU-accelerated renderer, which is a inbuilt programme in the apps. Flutters also aims to provide better video quality to with more reliability and format support.

Flutter System Architecture

With the release of Flutter, we have noticed few new features as well like the support for hardware keyboard, video recording and barcode scanners. The framework has not yet been reached officially, but it has seen an increase in the users already.

Experienced app design agency are also adopting Flutter RP1 to develop their apps. The Flutter also provides add-ons to the users like ML Kit API wrappers, helpers for animation construction and native cross-platform widget design that are compatible with IOS as well as Android.

Getting your hands on Flutter is very simple, all you have to do is type Flutter upgrade in your Terminal. The RP1 seems to be a huge success by Google for app developers.