IRIX (Investment Recovery Matrix) from Inventory Solutions Inc. identifies rarely used inventory items that should be sold or disposed of based on usage and carrying costs.

Having too many rarely-used spares in MRO inventory is not a good investment for your company. This inventory is sitting around on racks and pallets, year after year, collecting dust, taking up space and doing nothing productive. This can be the result of vendors recommending that you buy too many new spares, overly pessimistic projections of failure rates, misidentified parts, spares left over from overhauls/turnarounds or obsolete items that were never removed from inventory.

At Inventory Solutions, we can identify excess inventory and recommend economically justifiable decisions, prioritized on an item-by-item basis. Our customized plan outlines the systematic disposal of your excess spares, turning them into more productive assets for your company. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for your confidential assessment of your MRO inventory.
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MBA (Minimum Benefit Analysis)

Discover how well, how fast, and how easily your MRO inventory can be optimized using our web based WebRUSLâ„¢ program that is proven to reduce inventory and improve availability. To sign up for a free, no-obligation, risk based Minimum Benefits Analysis, please click below.

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