New Spares

Everyone knows the value of having spare parts on hand in MRO inventory. The fact is that the vast majority of first time buys are made without the benefit of a consistent and logic based process.

We have found that 20 to 35 percent of all initial expenditures for new spares are unnecessary.

The best time to eliminate overstocks and potential obsolete MRO inventory is before the first PO is written.

Inventory Solutions’ WebRUSL™ — Rarely Used inventory Stocking Logic can help make economically sound and justifiable stocking decisions. Click here to learn more about the RUSL process.

Prevent needless expenditures and enhance MRO internal control and supply chain best practices. Working capital and MRO inventory risk are reduced. Our straightforward inventory service provides prudent MRO purchasing recommendations.

Prevent Needless Expenditures

At Inventory Solutions Inc., we offer a full range of services to provide inventory management tools for your slow moving MRO items. A key element of our services is the ability to identify spare parts that are not needed but that are in danger of being reordered because the reorder level is set too high.

Our clear-cut inventory service identifies and prioritizes the infrequently used items at risk for being unnecessarily purchased up to two years in advance.

Maintenance personnel apply their expertise to the prioritized recommendations so that requisitions for MRO purchases can be processed routinely without the risk of wasting valuable time or money.

This economical service allows you to make cost saving adjustments to your MRO inventory plan when it is convenient for you– using your systems, software and personnel. You eliminate planned premature expenditures that will only replace surplus. Our inventory recommendations are key to improving supply chain inventory management.