Risk Management

Probability and Risk

  • Probability is the likelihood that something will happen.
  • Risk is the likelihood that something bad will happen.
  • “WebRUSL” is forward-looking risk management.

Our service identifies your risky MRO purchases.  WebRUSL is easy for you. Our analysts provide a list of high-risk purchases which are likely to occur during the next year or two and that are already programmed in your current system. Your personnel apply our recommendations as they see fit.

Very insightful information to have in advance.

Murphy’s Law Of Supply Chain Inventory Management.

As with many things in life, MRO inventory replenishment decisions typically come up at the worst possible moment. WebRUSL provides ample opportunity to review MRO stock levels at your convenience when there is less pressure and more time to make prudent choices.

Murphy’s Law:
The requisitions that require intelligent review before MRO purchasing decisions are made always occur when the knowledgeable persons are too busy to give them thoughtful consideration

Think about it-

When do requisitions happen?
When parts are issued from the storeroom.

When are most parts issued from the storeroom?
When there is a scheduled overhaul or when something breaks. Some of the items issued from the storeroom will have their on-hand quantities reach their re-order level and requisitions for replacements will occur.

Who’s busy working to get the equipment back in operation?
The same people who have the experience and knowledge to make intelligent stocking decisions about the need to replenish the issued parts.

The inevitable result?
Requisitions are processed and parts are restocked even when their on-hand quantity exceeds what is needed to meet availability requirements. Money is wasted and overstocks continue.

The Prudent Advantage Group anticipates the inevitable. 

Our streamlined inventory analysis prioritizes those items with the greatest likelihood of both being overstocked and being reordered during the next two years. Unnecessary MRO purchases are avoided and parts availability is supported. Your knowledgeable people review our recommendations and adjust the order point when they have time, at their convenience, using your existing systems and software.