WebRUSL from Inventory Solutions Inc. is a web based program to help with the inventory management of rarely used MRO inventory items by identifying non-productive overstocks and eliminating risky understocks that are crucial to maintaining operations.

Easy to Use
Our analytical tool is available online 24/7. You simply log-on, using your unique username and password, and submit a pre-formatted spreadsheet which contains a few required fields of information plus any additional columns of data you want to include. Within minutes, the data is ran through our proven, best practice technology and return the file updated with our reorder level recommendations. It’s that easy!

RUSL (Rarely Used Inventory Stocking Logic) is Inventory Solutions Inc.’s proprietary technology to help you improve your management of MRO spares that you have in inventory. This technology has been continuously improved over the last twenty years and has been used to analyze more than $4 billion in inventory around the world. Our clients have saved millions of dollars and we’ve helped them successfully meet their inventory management objectives.

‘What if’ Analysis

Have you ever wondered how sensitive a part is to changes in criticality and lead time? Gain extra confidence in your stocking decisions with our ‘What if’ analysis. Process as many items as you like with varying lead times and criticalities to see how the changes effect reorder levels. Our automated  ‘What if’  feature will allow you to easily perform this test on any spare in your inventory. WebRUSL processes the results and you set reorder levels with certainty.

What Changed the Inventory
Starting and ending the year with the same inventory value does not mean that nothing happened. Four events cause inventory to change:

  • Quantity goes up or down
  • Price goes up or down
  • New items are added
  • Old items are deleted

The change in total inventory value is a net of all these ups and downs. Based on an initial data file and a current file, we will tell you What Changed the Inventory.

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